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The Chair - Netflix's New Drama Starring Sandra Oh

My Netflix algorithm probably knows me better than my most friends nowadays since I basically have no friends during the pandemic and Netflix is all who I hang out with. So of course the recommendation is always on point. When The Chair showed up on the watching list as No.1 today, I hit play and finished the first season in 1 sitting.

First of all, I liked it. It's definitely too short to get around all the questions I have so far.. Why does Ji-yoon adapt a hispanic girl? Why and how long is Bill in love with Ji-yoon. That "i'll follow you" moment in the last episode seems so abrupt that I can't follow. I truly hope there's a second season and these character could be built up a little bit more.

To me, the set up of the characters is almost a formula for a show of diversity-aware. We have a leading Asian woman, single with an adapted child, seemingly a little overloaded with attributes, and support and be supported by a Black woman who is usually young, brilliant, modern and strong-willed. . These two characters are totally interchangeable, depending on the target audience demographic. This duo is basically teamed up against the old, white, male dominants of the professional field. But to me, the most interesting character is not either of the two women of color, but the old white lady who seems privileged yet suppressed on career, mean yet warmhearted, mild yet full of power-when yelling at the student who rated her badly on She is also the reason that I am expecting Season 1. I am very curious how she manages the shithole.

Let me know if you have seen the drama in the comment below!

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