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Review: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

So much so as we anticipated Shang-Chi, I finally went to see it last night. As many of you out there, I haven't been to a movie theater more than a year and half since the pandemic broke out! So it felt good to go back there. A little fun fact about the ticketing. The movie theater close to my place where is pretty dense of Asian populations and the tickets for a Sunday night 9:45pm were sold out, while a theater 10 miles away where traditionally is more non-Asian resident area, we basically had the whole theater to us. lol. The target audience of Shang-Chi is very clear.

As a superhero movie, I shouldn't be paying too much attention on the story. True to this one too. But the Kung-fu sequences were awesome. One of the best of all the Marvel superhero movies. There are a few familiar faces from Crazy Rich Asians.

I appreciate that they speak a lot Mandarin Chinese in the movie where it seems to fit. When they casted the actors, it was a must to be able to speak fluent Chinese.

Tony Leung, actor who plays the father of Shang-Chi, is the main motivation why I went to see the movie. As a fan of Wong Kar-Wai, I loved Tony's all performances in Wong's films. But this villain character in a MCU seems so out of place from his past roles. Tony did a great job to portray a bad guy, not so much bad, rather sad and kind of loving for his wife and kids.

Shang-Chi is definitely a hit. I would recommend whoever loves an action movie to go check it out in the theaters (if you are vaccinated and feel comfortable lol).

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