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Insecure - A Black Girl Taking on the World

I have studied carefully on the show on HBO Insecure. In many ways, Insecure inspired me and my team to develop our stories from a low-budget starting point and insist using our own voice to tell stories. Senses was inspired by the successful story and develop our own project Wannabe.

Insecure is a fancy version of a series organic homemade videos of a black girl's everyday life from the creative Issa Rae. Her "first draft" or pilot season are still available on Youtube. I encourage all aspiring filmmakers to have a look and learn from it, and maybe you could get some confidence from it, not to say that those videos weren't good, but they were visibly made within a tight budget or, honestly, no budget. But Issa Rae made it! The videos went viral, got noticed, and signed by HBO. Her brilliant ideas were conveyed through her videos and made its way to HBO "original". Sometimes those "original" term just throws me off. It sounds like they have recognized the story and the creative from the unseen and invest in it and let it grow, while the reality is they basically buying off from the creatives once they made some influence among the audience.

Anyway, the making of Insecure is a great story to tell about people of color trying to put their stories in the history, and made it!

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