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How I See Dubbing Plays a Big Deal in Inclusivity Issue

I don't know if you guys have found out about this yet, but the imported children's shows on Netflix have really awesome dubbing in English and other languages. You can hardly tell the origin of the shows. For example, Super Wings and Tayo The Little Bus.


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Both shows are made in South Korea, but I didn't realize that until I accidentally pressed on the button for dubbing options, and there are a long list of language choices which got me curious. So I googled them and realized that these are all made in South Korea but with many languages dubbings for different countries which have the streaming services of the shows.

Same situation as the representation matters in the appearance of different ethnic groups to be seen. The languages spoken in thousands of families in the US that speak more than English should be recognized as well. Speaking another language shouldn't be a burden to immigrant family kids. And when they watch their favorite cartoon characters speak the same language as their parents do, the influence and encouragement for them to learn and explore their root cultures is tremendous.


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