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Movie Review - Wish Dragon on Netflix

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

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I came across this animation film <Wish Drago> on Netflix, which was definitely a gem. Although the story setting is in Shanghai, China, it does not require much knowledge about Chinese culture to actually enjoy the movie. The voice of this movie is an all-Asian cast. The project was initiated and supported by actor Jackie Chan, and his will to spread Chinese cultural influence was well-executed by this movie. Given the racial threat happening in the US against Asian community, I really appreciate this movie for bringing some often-neglected characteristics of Asian people outward, being fun and risk-taking,

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Senses has been working on a few co-productions very much like <Wish Dragon>. For more about it, please click here. We teamed up Shanghai Animation Film Studio with Hollywood top-list digital visual artists to bring Chinese animation films to audience around the globe. We will share the journey here in the future.

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