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Directing Workshop for Women by AFI

As one of the functions and purposes of this blog, I will put all the filmmaking workshops, created with promoting diversity and inclusivity in mind, that I have researched for fellow folks to follow and get involved. I would also love to hear back from you guys if you know some awesome workshops that you would like to share with the rest of us!

So today, I want to share about the Directing Workshop for Women by American Film Institute.

8 filmmakers of Cohort 2021

Since the program’s launch in 1974, DWW has trained over 350 filmmakers that strive to give voice to historically underrepresented perspectives.

The selected candidates will work on their own short films through a hands-on training on every step of filmmaking. Previous candidates have made many wonderful short films that impressed the film world and this program has served as a life-changing agent for many aspiring women filmmakers.

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